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Despite our best efforts, trash is inevitable

Packaging, excessive, unnecessary purchases, and manufacturers making more and more consumable JUNK! It all ends up in the trash or discarded inappropriately, ending up in our environments and eventually our foods. (YES IN OUR FOODS!)

The Eco-Brick aims to collect all non-biological, non-food waste such as plastics, electronics and the typical items that generally do not end up in the recycling bins, reduce this waste to an appropriate size to use as a filler in our Eco-Brick shells.

The Eco-Bricks can then be utilised in permanent structures like walls, sheds, garages or homes replacing regular bricks.

Your Environment will benefit

The Eco-Brick will require only waste for the filler material, the waste can be collected from many sources such as Schools, Shopping centers, Factories, Shops, Bins and of course from road side collections and clean-up activities such as 'Trash Heros' and other community actions.

As all this waste will be collected at sources there will be less to pollute our environment and food chain.

Your Communities will benefit

Community is very important, The Eco-Brick project will not only clean our living spaces it will also employ local residents, build local structures and help the community to thrive.

With exception of the manufacturing of the Eco-Brick Shell, the rest of the process is manual, collection, sorting and processing the waste will require workers.

Reduction of waste to a suitable size is Semi-automated, using basic crushing machines with the filling of Eco-Brick shells by a hand operated machine/press.

The Process

A basic look at the process.

Trash Collection

Trash collected from source, such as Factories, Schools, Shopping centers and community collections.

Filling the Eco-Brick

Trash will be shredded to an appropriate size, obvious reclaimable materials will be removed. The Shredded material then 'Stuffed' into the Eco~Brick shell.

Sell to Builders

Sales of the Eco~Brick will pay for the associated running cost such as Wages, Trash collection, marketing costs etc.